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New Information and research has uncovered entirely different ways of treating RA. There is so much more that can be done than was previously understood about the treatment of this disease.

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If you want to reduce pain, increase mobility, understand the root cause of the disease and learn about what actually works for others then this site is for you.

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We have compiled hundreds of peer reviewed published medical research papers on the topic of RA and extracted all of the important findings into one central place. Our expert contributors and guests hold some of the highest recognised medical titles in the world.

It Is Difficult...

RA is a very challenging disease and I understand how it can make you feel. It is hard to continually visit your Rheumatologist, dig into your savings for medical tests, procedures and drugs only to continue to have pain and frustration. The mental challenges are also significant, worrying about how your body might be in the future if the condition is uncontrolled. 

It's Not Your Fault!

Until now there has not been a good understanding of what RA is and how it can be best addressed from multiple angles. That is why we are here. To give you an excellent fighting chance. Left to battle on your own and you'll likely come off second best.

This Time Is Different

From now you can discover the world of 'eating to heal', restorative exercises that can improve joint health, and many other microbiome-improving methods for inflammation reduction. Powerful approaches with proven results.

Hi, I'm Clint

I had a dramatic RA experience that changed my life. I was told I'd have a very challenging time fathering children and that I'd require medication for the rest of my life. The drugs that I took lowered some of my symptoms, but sapped my energy and me feel like a walking zombie. I lost motivation for life and did not want to see friends or be social at all for a very long time. Even though I'm typically an upbeat person, it can be very depressing living with RA.

I Was Able To Minimise RA Progression

Thanks to my own quest to understand and solve my RA challenges (driven by immense pain and the desire to have children) I learned that some certain foods and exercises could have a big impact on my inflammation. The more I dug into the science behind it the more I discovered, which made me realise how one-dimensional my current medication approach was. For me, some cheap and easy interventions made a huge impact and motivated me to uncover more and more research that could help me make progress. Eventually, I was able to achieve normal CRP and ESR markers (in fact CRP of less than 1mg/L down from a previous high of 55mg/L) without disease modifying drugs or painkillers. 

I have not stopped researching what the science says about Rheumatoid Arthritis and diet, exercise, supplements, stress, and the effects of multiple variables on the microbiome (including medications).

I've Documented All The Resources You'll Need

Inside Rheumatoid Support Membership I have placed everything you need to succeed. 

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Private Support with Clint Paddison

What are your major problem areas? Fingers, feet, hands, wrists, elbows, knees...? Or medication side effects? Sleep? Supplements? Dry eyes?
Whatever your challenges you have private help with a click of a button.


Forum with over 10,000 posts about RA solutions

Communicate, make friends, learn from others and implement their solutions to get their health back. No need to reinvent the wheel - the solutions you need are all here in this Forum which is focussed on people healing and helping other people heal.

Log Your Progress

Your Online Journal For Building Your Momentum

Post your RA story until now and get feedback from others as to how to improve. With each challenge you encounter, you will receive guidelines and help to get your past it. The ideal way to measure progress, overcome hurdles and get help from others on a similar path.

Ongoing Learning

Video Library of Rheumatoid Solutions

Deep-training videos on everything you need help with: Reversing inflammation in the knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, feet. Supplements, digestion, fasting, foods, medications of all kinds, getting started...we've got the unique solution to your problems in one place - in over 100 training videos.

Medical Input

Monthly Calls With Health Professionals

Ask questions about your condition to world-class health experts on regular live calls. You can get life-changing information without having to book costly appointments and waiting months. Regular guests include Doctors, Physical Therapists and more.

Past Guests Include:

Dr. Michael Klaper

World Renowned MD

Carl Reader

Dir, Carl Reader Coaching

Dr. Nisha Manek

Rheumatologist, Arizona USA

Dr. Paul Goldberg

MD, Goldberg Clinic

Dr. Gemma Newman

General Practitioner, UK

Are You Ready For A Change?

What happens if you do nothing? It's not ideal is it? I can help you along with the other members of our wonderful and support community.

"Trying to get well on your own is super hard. I struggled, honestly. But when I signed up to get your Support that's when I felt in control - and now I’m just so thankful for you and all of your help because I rarely, rarely get RA symptoms and I'm on NO drugs! We really appreciate you, Clint!" - Alisa

"I don't know where I would be without Clint's help. Rheumatoid Support is phenomenal. I feel safe, secure and in control of my life knowing I have support and help all around me right here. I recommend it to anybody!" - Andy


Before: Son Cole JIA swelling
After: 100% free of swelling and pain. 14+ months symptom free


Before: Barely walk, on Plaquenil, Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine
After: No drugs. No pain. 15+ months symptom free.


Before: RA, Hashimotos, MTX, pain
After: No drugs. No pain. Less Hashimotos meds


Before: ANA Positive Oligoarthritis, Sulfasalazine, swollen knee
After: 100% free of swelling and pain


Before: Bedridden, prednisone, sulfasalazine, naproxen
After: No drugs. No pain. 19 months symptoms free


Before: Predisone, maximum MTX, little strength
After: No prednisone. Lower MTX, strong

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Q) I Have A Different Autoimmune Disease (Or Several Autoimmune Diseases). Can I Still Join?
A) Absolutely. You'll join other members who are dramatically improving their Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic arthritis, ANA Positive Oligoarthritis, Hashimoto's and most of the inflammatory arthritis autoimmune conditions.

Q) What if I miss the monthly live Q&A calls?
A) All calls are recorded so you can watch the reply in the comfort of you home the next day.

Q) Can I ask questions privately or to the group?
A) You have both options. Post to the forum and get lots of answers, or ask Clint (or another member) privately and get answers that way.

Q) Do I need to be on a specific diet before I can get this help?
A) No! While your diet will be reviewed, and suggestions made for you to consider, there is no prerequisite to join at all, other than a good attitude and willingness to improve your situation.

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